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V2 Varitube 510 Connector


Varitube V2 510 Connector - Stainless Steel

Connector Dimensions: Diameter: 22 mm – Landing Pad: 1 mm – Assembled Connector Length: 11.5 mm – Body threading: M10x0.5, 10mm diameter

Connector Weight: 7.2g

These Varitube 22mm V2 510 Connectors with Ring Terminals are available in several options!

Made of stainless and brass, this connector has sleek aesthetics.

Each connector order includes ring terminal for ground connection and features low profile shoulder and self-adjusting spring loaded center pin.

They have a brass backer nut for solid installation and are rated for 450°F continuous service.

Does not require disassembly for soldering and has no max wire gauge restrictions.

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V2 Varitube 510 Connector Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Best for the money.

Posted by Hugh Hammond

Extra room. More options for how the wire comes off the center pin. All this at a great price. And Dripp3D always has the cool new gear


Posted by Michael Tobias

Great price for a quality product!!!!


Posted by Christian Vazquez

Smooth threads, no scratchs, easy to solder on the positive end.

Much faster and easier to install than the V1

Posted by Jeremy

I really do like the big, flat, solder pad for the positive connection. So much easier than v1.