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V1 Varitube 510 Connector - 22mm


Varitube 510 Connector

Connector Dimensions: Diameter: 22 mm – Landing Pad: 1 mm – Assembled Connector Length: 12 mm – Body threading: M10x0.5, 10mm diameter

Connector Weight: 6.7g

These Varitube 22mm 510 Connectors with Self-Adjusting Center Pins and Ring Terminals are a must have!

Made of Stainless, Brass & Delrin, this connector is perfect for the discerning modder!

Each connector order includes ring terminal for ground connection and features low profile shoulder, self-adjusting spring loaded center pin, brass backer nut for solid installation and long contact center pin.

Note: Must be disassembled for soldering. Disassemble connector and remove center pin before attempting to solder. Slide bottom retainer over wire, slide spring over wire, and then solder wire to the center pin using the 1mm recess in the pin. Now slide the pin into the main body with spring and tighten the retaining cap.

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V1 Varitube 510 Connector - 22mm Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Better than those other guys, no question

Posted by CopperWoody

These are far superior to the competition, provided you can solder cleanly and install them properly. The springiness of the pin is smoother and has a longer travel than any other 510 connector out there and the machining is superb. The only way I can see these having a bad reputation is because people aren't installing them properly. Screw in an atomizer (longer the 510 connection the better), set the small adjustment screw flush with the bottom of the channel on the soldering plate by turning it, brush on a small amount of flux, solder a clean, shiny bubble across the entire plate and you're ready to attach your positive wire.

Great 510

Posted by Jason Barth

It has a lot of bad press but is long as you can solder straight you won’t find a better 510