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Tactile Switch


Tactile Switch Push Button

Button Dimensions: External Width: 8.7 mm - External Length: 5.5 mm - External Depth: 11 mm

Button Weight: .4g

These silver plated spherical actuator tactile switches feature a dome actuator and a through hole mounting style.

They have a current rating of 50mA, power rating of .2 VA and solder pin terminations.

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Tactile Switch Reviews

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Satisfying little switch

Posted by CopperWoody

These satisfyingly clicky little switches are excellent anywhere you need a momentary switch. I've used them as firing switches on minimalist mods, menu buttons on DNA builds, voltmeter switches on PWM boxes and many other non-vape related projects. They do take a bit more pressure to push than your average tactile switch but the poppy click and tactile response is worth it.