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G CNC Copper Enclosure

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1590G CNC Copper Enclosure

Enclosure External Dimensions: Length: 100 mm - Width: 50 mm - Height: 25.7 mm

Enclosure Internal Dimensions: Length: 96 mm - Width: 46.1 mm - Height: 21 mm

Enclosure Weight: 328g

Beautifully machined out of the highest quality solid copper billet, our custom CNC G boxes are here!

Featuring easy open notched base!

These are gorgeous inside and out, we know you'll love them as much as we do.

No lean, no hassle. You're ready to drill and build.

Please note, this material naturally oxidizes with time. If patina effect is not desired, maintain polishing.

Feel free to contact us anytime with feedback and questions!

G CNC Copper Enclosure Reviews

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Beautiful copper G box

Posted by Corey Osuna

I just got this box a few days ago and haven't had a chance to build it yet. But i can tell you its a beautiful box. It's super clean and very solid. It weighs a ton. I was suprised how much heavier it is than an aluminum enclosure. But of course it is, it's solid copper lol. I can't wait to get it built. It's gonna a classy mod.