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DNA 75


DNA 75

Product Dimensions: Width: 18 mm - Length: 66 mm - Depth: 9 mm

Product Weight: 29.27g

Evolv's DNA 75 is a power regulated digital switch mode DC-DC converter. The DNA 75 runs from a single cell lithium polymer battery.

Evolv's patented Wattage Control
Patent Pending Temperature Protection
OLED Screen
Digital User Controls
Onboard Buttons
Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery life/minimal heat generation
USB Port

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Evolv Products Warranty
For issues and support with Evolv products you purchased from Dripp3d LLC, including DNA 250, 200, 75 and 60, please contact Evolv directly by visiting their website and navigating to their "Contact Us" section. Evolv offers a warranty on their products purchased at Dripp3d LLC. For details, view their warranty policy at https://www.evolvapor.com/warranty. Due to the nature of the product, Dripp3d LLC itself does not offer warranty, returns, exchanges or refunds for any Evolv product, including but not limited to DNA 250C, 250, 200, 75C, 75 and 60.

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