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DNA 250 Dual 18650 Kit

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DNA 250 Dual 18650 Kit

We've made building convenient with these all in one DIY kits.
Mix & match to create your own custom kit from our wide selection of options!

Each kit comes with your choice of:
Battery sled color
Mount Color
Wire & Heat Shrink Pack

Each kit also includes:
Actuator Set
DNA 250
Magnets (choose include or install)

Kit weight, dimensions & price vary depending on options selected.
All items pictured not included in all kits. Picture shows a variety of options available to choose from. Your kit will include only the items you select.
Recommended for experienced modders only. Please use diagrams available online and research any questions before use. By purchasing any products from us, you agree to do so at your own risk. You also agree that Dripp3d LLC will not be liable for any damage from the use or inability to use our products. Each kit is carefully tested and inspected before shipment. We do not warranty any products damaged by buyer.

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DNA 250 Dual 18650 Kit Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Nice kit. Good value.

Posted by DG

Based on description, photos and price, I chose this kit from Dripp3d. Just seemed like one of the better values out there. I have to say, it's a very well put together package. Personally, I should have gone with the DNA 75 kit as the 250 is way overkill for me. I will never go beyond 50 watts. But that said, the price difference wasn't that great so I went with this 250 mod.

There is one small issue that I will get out of the way. First, the DNA board is a snug fit in the mount (a good thing). Part of on edge of the mount did split/tear when I removed the board from the mount after a test fit. It did not break off and I secured the split with some epoxy after permanently installing the board in the mount. There is no functional lack of integrity, my board is still well secured in the mount and the mod. Knowing enough about the nature of 3D printed thermal plastic, I probably should have avoided the test fitting. At any rate, I consider it to be, at least partially, my fault. It's in no way worthy of knocking off any stars for this kit. Besides, I'm betting that dripp3D would have replaced the mount had I asked. My point is to just be more careful than I was.

That out of the way ... This is probably not a good first kit or project for someone with zero or near zero soldering or electronic experience. There are no instructions included and it seems obvious that those who have no experience at all are not being encouraged to build this kit. That's perfectly reasonable. But it should be a doable build for those who do have some kind of soldering experience and basic electronics knowledge. And, it is down right easy for those with a little more experience. It's not rocket science by any means, but soldering and some basic electronics experience will greatly benefit the builder. I had no issues with the kit. The machined enclosure was cosmetically perfect, the holes and cutouts line up perfectly with the board and the magnetic cover plate fits perfectly square and flush with enclosure. The board mount is perfectly sized for the screen and a snug fit with the board. The screw holes in the mount line up perfectly with those in the DNA board. The design of the battery sled in terms of how the battery clips mount is much better than some of the sleds included in kits that I have seen photos and videos of. All soldering can be done to the battery terminals ahead of sliding them onto the battery sled. A good thing as 3d printed thermal plastic generally does not tolerate high heat very well.

One thing of note is that I did use 16 gauge silicone insulated wire for the board output to the 510 connector and ground ring, and 18 gauge silicone insulated for the battery to board connections. These are listed as either minimum or recommended gauges of silicone (or Teflon) insulated wire according to the DNA 250 data sheet. They are simply a little easier to work with than the included 14 gauge and in my case, with never using more than 50 watts or so, I went with the smaller gauge wire (Not included. I already had on hand). If I were building this mod to use at max or higher wattage settings I would use the included 14 gauge wire.

All in all, I have no complaints with the components included or the fit and finish of this kit. This is an excellent kit for someone who wants to build their own
DNA 250 box mod and doesn't mind a little bit larger enclosure than what is available from some of the mod manufacturers. The enclosure may not be as ergonomic as some of the commercially available mods but it's not too large to be uncomfortable or unwieldy. With the included components, if the builder does a good job, it's probably safe to say that there isn't a commercial DNA 250 box out there that will perform any better. It's all in the components and the build. The components provided are excellent so the results are ultimately up to the builder.

Complete kit made easy

Posted by R D

The site generated an email for me to review each individual product in this kit, but I think whole kit review is a much better way to go. I recently purchased this kit, and using their wiring diagram and pictures from the net I managed to get my mod together without much trouble at all. Knowing all of the pieces I needed were right there and the price point made the buy a very easy choice. The only difficult part of the whole set up was getting escribe tweaked to work correctly with my particular setup. Once that was done though it was smooth sailing. Everything fit well, there were no missing pieces, and I'm just sorry I didn't do this sooner. Thanks Dripp3d!