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.28" CNC Aluminum Anodized LED Digital Voltmeter Bezel

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.28" LED Digital Voltmeter Bezel

External Bezel Dimensions: Length: 30 mm - Width: 18 mm - Height: 4 mm

Internal Bezel Dimensions: Length: 25 mm - Width: 13 mm - Height: 3 mm

Bezel Weight: 1.77g

Our own custom design, these beautifully anodized aluminum bezels are perfect for .28" digital voltmeters.

Each one carefully crafted and inspected, you're sure to come back for more.

Feel free to contact us anytime with feedback and questions! We'll keep the printer on for you.

Pictured voltmeter sold separately.

.28" CNC Aluminum Anodized LED Digital Voltmeter Bezel Reviews

Based on 3 reviews


Posted by Bill Sterba

Very nice bezel for my voltmeter on my mod. I've never seen these anywhere else and they were at a great price.

Dripp3d delivering amazing products and service once again

Posted by VapeTechnologies LLC

Bezels has a flawless anodizing job and precise machining. Always satisfied with packages coming from Dripp3d
-VapeTechnologies LLC

Mighty fine bezels!!

Posted by Scott

For those of you looking to spice up your creation with a bit of color that is solid, you can't go wrong with these.... Great finish, consistent color, and durable. Perfect to accompany an anodized box, in either like, or complimentary colors. Depending on where you get your Volt Meters from, you *may* have to trim down the corners of your VM to successfully fit within the bezel (without forcing it). My no-name-China-bought-in-bulk meters had to been shaved on the corners only slightly, while another meter I had from a different vendor slipped right in.... #allmetersmatter

But, for an anodized aluminum bezel, in a variety of colors, these are the shiznet.... can't go wrong.... get them!!