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.28" CNC Aluminum LED Digital Voltmeter Bezel

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.28" CNC Aluminum LED Digital Voltmeter Bezel

External Bezel Dimensions: Length: 30 mm - Width: 18 mm - Height: 4 mm

Internal Bezel Dimensions: Length: 25 mm - Width: 13 mm - Height: 3 mm

Bezel Weight: 1.77g

Our own custom design, these beautifully machined and lightweight 6061 aluminum bezels are one of a kind.

Unfinished aesthetics will add a professional, unique touch to your mod.

Each one carefully crafted and inspected, you're sure to come back for more.

Feel free to contact us anytime with feedback and questions! We'll keep the printer on for you.

Pictured voltmeter sold separately.

.28" CNC Aluminum LED Digital Voltmeter Bezel Reviews

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Nicely Polished Bezel

Posted by Daniel Bragg

Looks good and strong, no visual or structural flaws to be seen. No scratches, warpage or other signs of Mis-handling. Would like to see raised areas that allowed a "snap in style" press fit.