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10k Potentiometer


10k Potentiometer

Product Dimensions: Width: 12.8 mm - Length: 16 mm - Depth: 12.8 mm

Product Weight: 1.82g

Product: Single Turn
Resistance: 10kOhms
Operating Temp: -55C to 125C
Tolerance: 10%
Termination Style: Pin

Pictured potentiometer bezel sold separately.

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10k Potentiometer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Most popular pot

Posted by Iam Uprise

This is the most popular potentiometer for box mods. Very reliable but usually the most expensive.

Perfect Pot

Posted by James Price

These guys have more than one type of high quality potentiometers to choose from depending on what you want and how you build. Excellent selection and a quality pot as well.